Mani Monday: Essie Penny Talk

As I get this blog up and running I think I’m going to try and stay consistent. I’m thinking of doing at least 3 posts a week, one beauty, one style, and one lifestyle. I’m going to start with Mani Monday, I don’t often do my nails so this might dwindle in a couple of weeks.

Last week I purchased some much needed cuticle oil. I’ve neglected taking care of my nails over the summer because I was working in camps and often had 7 different colours of paint under my nails, it just wasn’t worth it. At the beginning of the summer I was getting shellac done every two weeks and I think I might treat myself to it every once and a while because I love it so much. But as for now I will do my nails myself (which is sometimes not a good idea, I am too impatient).
This week is Essie Penny Talk, which I purchased last year. It’s a nice copper colour with a very metallic finish which makes it hard to apply because the littlest smudge shows up. I had to put it on pretty thick to make sure it came out with a smooth finish, however, it dried very quickly. The cuticle oil I got is nubar cuticle care oil in vanilla scented. It’s great, it’s not too greasy and you apply it using the eye dropper lid. It was great because as I got some nail colour on my skin it wiped off supper easily. I applied a base coat before because nail polish doesn’t stick to my nails very well. If I could locate my top coat I would also have used that and hopefully it would have helped to create a smoother finish.
I enjoy this colour and I think it’s fun enough for the end of summer with a hint of fall as well. If you have a steady hand I totally recommend giving it a try.

Products used
Base Coat- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Polish – essie Penny Talk
Cuticle Oil- Nubar Cuticle Care Oil, Vanilla scented



One thought on “Mani Monday: Essie Penny Talk

  1. I just recently put acrylics on my nails for a vacation. WORST MISTAKE EVER. Ive since had them taken off and now my nails are in that healing process stage. I love Essie polishes they really are the best. You picked a nice color for fall.


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