Tease and Texture

One of the blogs I love the most is the smallthingsblog.com, I have a huge girl crush on the owner and her posts are amazing. About 2 months ago she posted a tutorial in which she used texture powder on her hair. It was like magic, she shook some powder on her roots and fluffed it up and voila she had hair 4 times the size as before. Coming from a girl who basically has 6 strands of hair I was beyond amazed. So I started my hunt (since she lives in the states most products she uses are not offered any where close to wear I live.) I checked drug store and found nothing. So I went to a professional hair product providers and hit jackpot, each brand had it’s own line of texture products and texture powders, the downside, the cheapest one was 18$. Let’s get one thing straight I only work part time so spending 18$ on a salt shaker size bottle of texture powder that I wasn’t sure I was going to like was not worth it. So I left the store empty handed. About a month after that I was at Walmart looking for my leave in conditioner and came across got 2b POWDER’ful Volumizing Styling powder for 4$!
What a bargain, I couldn’t believe it, I basically ran to the check out line. I got home and tried it out and I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the high end products but for 4$ it’s amazing. Not only does it add tones of volume is also adds a good grit to your hair which makes styling updos much easier because your hair doesn’t just slid out of your bobby pins or elastics. I tend to use the volumizing powder when I wear my hair straight just to add a little lift to the roots, since my hair is so thin and flat.

So here is my hair teased without the texture powder


And here is my hair teased with the texture powder


If you work the powder into your roots and use a comb to tease this is what it can do!

this is obviously a bit excessive so I tamed it down and here is the final before and after.



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