Camo Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine celebrated her birthday. We had heard that in the past her birthday were a little lack lustre so my friend and I decided to make this one special for the birthday girl.
She is a country girl at heart so we decided that I should make her camo cupcakes. I love baking and as you will come to see in the near future cupcakes are a specialty of mine (especially the frequently requested maple bacon) . So I took to Pinterest to see how to create camo cupcakes.

I used me usual basic vanilla and chocolate batter recipes. The overall cupcake is easy to make but a little overwhelming because you have to mix a lot of batter and icing in different bowls (I think over all I used 5 bowls). The first think you need to do is make a batch of vanilla batter and set aside (I made a half batch because I didn’t want to have enough cupcakes to feed an army). The second step is to make a chocolate batter and set aside. Then you take a large spoonful of your vanilla and a large spoonful of your chocolate batter and you mix it in a third bowl, this create the “light brown camo”. Then you add A LOT of green food colouring to your vanilla batter to make your “green camo” and finally your chocolate is your “dark brown camo”. Once all your batters are coloured properly you get your cupcakes tins ready. Then you start to layer in each colour but you don’t want your layers to be flat (because then your cupcakes would be striped) you kind of want to form blobs of the batter. I was skeptical of how it would turn out but it worked wonderfully.


Once the cupcakes cooled it was time for icing, I made a vanilla icing in one bowl and added lots of green food colouring once again and a couple pinches of cocoa to give it more of a “earthy” green colour, I also made a chocolate icing. Then I put both the icing into my piping bag at once and they came together in a beautifully camo way. Once they were all iced I sprinkled some shaved dark chocolate on top and VOILA! CAMO CUPCAKES. They were a hit! One of the kids at my day program even requested them for his birthday.



Ps. I live a lactose free life and make all my baked good lactose free if you ever have any questions about how to alter recipes feel free to ask.


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