Craziness that was this week

this week has been an emotional and physical roller-coaster. So on Tuesday I left work about 45 minutes early and it was originally raining that morning but it had turned into a beautiful sunny fall day. I decided to take my favourite back road home. There is a beautiful canopy of trees that have all turned to beautiful colours. This road is very twisty and turny and as I was coming down the last hillside turn I hydroplaned, went nose first into the ditch and ended up flipping my car. Long story short, I am fine, my little car… not so much. So I was a little slow moving Tuesday-Friday due to my wicked whiplash. I’m feeling much better now but this week has been a hard one. I am now looking into buying a new car (which is A LOT of money) so I have been pretty stressed out. I’ve been able to destress a bit, yesterday my family and I celebrated thanksgiving (since we live in Canada Eh?) and on Saturday I went and got my hair dyed, cut, and put feather extensions in. (I will be posting a fishtail post in a few moment, or perhaps tomorrow)

Anyways, I want to let you all know what has been going on this week and that I am OKAY!

heres my poor little car!



2 thoughts on “Craziness that was this week

  1. Awe, I’m sorry about your accident. I’m glad you’re okay though. You should get a Malibu!! They’re my favorite. I call it my Mally.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving.


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