Who is this? 

So it’s been about a year since I’ve been on here and I’m not sure if it’s the cold fall weather or the fact that I just have a lot of free time but I often find myself thinking man I wished I still blogged. So I’m back! 

Not much has changed over the past year, still working the same part time job but looking for more teaching opportunities. I do think I’ve grown in the makeup department over the past year so that’s always good for the blog! I’d like to do some video posts soon but have to figure out the editing side of things (I use an iPad if anyone has helpful hints!) 
My two best friends are getting married in the next few months, one next week and the other in May so there will probably be a fair share of wedding posts sooner rather then later. As for my love life, still with the same other half and we just celebrated our 3 year anniversary! So things are pretty good on my side! I hope all of y’all are doing well and I look forward to catching up! 
To quote the great philosopher Marshall Mathers “guess who’s back, back again” 


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