Fresh Faced 

My skin has been shit lately, I’ve been breaking out like crazy, probably because of stress, the time of year, hormones, you know, the usual. Anyways, I’ve been trying to keep it healthy since I have a wedding to go to thid week and I want a beautiful glow (and hopefully no pimples). Here is my daily skin routine!  

 In the morning is when I normally shower and I’ve been alternating between cleansing with Spector gel and exfoliating with St Ives Apricot Scrub. The scrub helps to get ride of dry skin and open up my pores and then I use the clense to get ride of any dirt and help treat any blemishes. I don’t like using the scrub everyday because it’s good to build up some of those natural oils and plus with the weather changing I don’t want to dry my skin out too much. In the summer I normally exfoliate everyday. The St Ives scrub will probably forever be my favourite scrub of all time, it’s cheap and I like how harsh the scrub is but still gental on my skin. 

  At night it all depends on how lazy I am. If I’m really lazy I’ll just use a wet towelette to take off my makeup but it doesn’t really do much for my waterproof mascara and eye liner. On a good night I will use cotton pad and Ponds Cold Cleanser to take off my make up. This cleanser is really interesting you don’t need to wet your face, you just apply it to your face as though it was a moisturizer, rub it in and then wipe your face with a moist face cloth to remove your makeup. I was doing this for a while but kept being too reckless and getting it in my eyes! So I switched to using a cotton pad to avoid this issue. Once my make up is off I use witch hazel and a cotton pad as a more natural toner, you an find witch hazel with the rubbing alcohol at your drugstore. Then the last step is to apply a light moisturizer, I found the lightest drug store (or walmart) moisturizing gel last winter and really hope it’s still there this year. I don’t normally use a moisturizer in the summer because I use a foundation with susnscreen in it and any extra moisture tends to make me break out. The moisturizing gel is by Garnier and it’s called Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream. I have pretty dry skin but I break out easily with too much oil so this is the perfect way to get the moisture without the thickness and oiliness of cream products. 

That’s my routine, I’ve been sticking to it for the past week or so and I do notice a difference in my skin. I hope that I can keep it up after the wedding when I don’t care as much. Wish me luck. 


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