Old to New Old

In the past few weeks my Other Half and I have been living with my parents. The reason for this is that his dad (where we were basically living before) is getting the house ready to sell and doing a bunch of renovations that are just easier with us out of the house. Therefore, we have moved most of our stuff over to my house and now have been staying there. It’s not that bad, although we do have slower internet which is probably the worst part, and the lack of privacy. However, there are the perks, home cooked meals, spending less money on groceries, not having to pay rent, and getting to hang out with my pup, oh and I guess hanging out with my parents….

With all this being said, my room has been going through a few changes, and I’ve been trying to keep it moderately clean which is proving to be impossible. My bed used to be up against the wall but with Other Half needing some more space we decided to move it out from the wall and put the bed side table on his side. Which left me without a side table, and no where to put my ipad to watch Netflix at night! THE HORROR! Until, his aunt invited us over to her “indoor garage sale” where I found this old (antique replica) table. 

 It had a few cracks and bruises and wasn’t in the best shape but I figured I could give it a couple coats of paint and it would do the trick.

My room has an antique feel to it with an original hanging lamp from when my house was built and a few antique white pieces of furniture. So I decided to stay with the overall feel of the room and destress the table once it was painted. I also have touches of turquoise in my room and had some leftover paint from the vanity I painted last year so I decided to add a few strokes of turquoise paint to jazz it up. The overall finished product isn’t AMAZING but it will serve it’s purpose without clashing with the rest of my room.

 And… best of all it was FREE. I used all things that I already had at home including left over paint and brushes and sand paper. SUCCESS!


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