Starbucks cupcakes

A couple days ago a friend and co worker of mine celebrated her birthday! We were supposed to go out to the bar but ended up just staying at a friends house playing drunk board games and dance central, it was very entertaining as a sober person. I was voluntold to make cupcakes. My friend is a big fan of Starbucks so I decided to make Starbucks cupcakes. Apparently I’m not that original because they are all over Pinterest. I decided to take a few ideas from a few different recipes and merge them together.

To start I made caramel and coffee glaze. 

In one pot I melted some margarine and once it was melted added a cup of sugar to the pot. I let the sugar melt and stirred it often until it was the desired caramel colour I wanted. I also added a little bit of caramel extract to boost the flavour. Once it was the colour I wanted I removed it from the heat and added a few splashed of coconut milk to make is a bit creamier and less thick. Then I set it aside to cool. 

In another pot I mixed some brewed coffee and sugar for the glaze. I let the mixture come to a boil before removing it from the heat at setting it aside.  

 Next I made my “butter”cream icing which is just 1 part margarine 2 parts icing sugar and the flavouring of your choice (I used vanilla). Blend until smooth and set in the fridge till you need it.  

 For the actual cupcakes I just used my white cake recipe with vanilla flavouring. I decided to use red cupcake liners because a. I didn’t have white and b. It’s Christmas season and the current Starbucks cups are red!  

Once the cupcakes were cooked and cooled I took a silicone brush and brushes the coffee glaze over the top (about 5 times). 

 When the cupcakes were dry I piped the icing onto them. Then I put some caramel sauce into a different piping bag cut a small hole and drizzled it over top.  Then I “borrowed” some straws and sleeves from Starbucks. (Aka awkwardly walked in took straws and ran away). Cut the straws into 3 and the logos off the sleeves and placed them in the icing. (The logos wouldn’t stick to the liners so this was plan b)      

  They were delicious and very pretty! 

What are your guys favourite kind of cupcakes!? 


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