To have and to hold

Last week Mr and Mrs.Z officially tied the knot!! It was a beautiful wedding and I was lucky to stand up front with them as they said I do! 

Since it’s November and we live in Canada it was not the warmest day of the year however the beautiful sun tried to keep us warm as we took pictures in an open field! 

Mrs.Z asked me if I could make a sign to put beside a stack of blankets in case guest got cold, and although I don’t think anyone used the blankets it was a nice little touch to their fall wedding. 

We were going to use a chalkboard that a friend of our already had but I thought that I could make something that went a little better with their theme. And I ended up using the other one for the card table!  

 I went out and bought chalkboard paint, a thick poster board, some foam brushes and a chalkboard marker (my new favourite toy!). 
First things first I painted two coats of the chalkboard paint on the poster board, I was a little worried it wasn’t going to cover the white board but once it dried it seemed to be fine. 

The back of the paint said to let the paint cure over night so I patiently waited to start writing on it. 24 hours later I drew the boarder using the chalk marker and a piece of cardboard to make sure my lines were straight. I had to do a couple layers to make it really pop but it looked pretty decent if I say so myself. 


Once the boarder was done I looked up a nice font on Pinterest and tried to copy it the best I could! I really like the final project and plan to paint something in my room once I have a day to do so! 

I’m hoping the photographer snapped a picture of it at the wedding so I can show you guys the final product all set up! 


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