These are a few of my favourite things: hair products 

I’m not the type of person to use a lot of products in my hair because a.I don’t have a lot of hair and’s very thin. I find a lot of products for thin hair weigh it down in hopes to add volume but I find the more natural you go the more volume you can achieve and the longer you can go without washing your hair. With that being said I do have a couple go tos that I use regularily. 

My hair dresser has been very helpful in finding me products that work well with my hair and she recently gave me this product to try as a sample, I’ve only only tried it once and I’m undecided about it… It definitely adds some texture to your hair, I decided to curl it and I think I would have liked it if I kept it straight.I’ll keep you posted. 

The product I use EVERYTIME I wash my hair is AG Fast Food. It is a leave in conditioner that helps to keep your ends from drying out and therefore makes my hair grow faster because I don’t need to cut it as much. It is extremly light and does everything you need it to, my hair has not been this long and healthy since my childhood. This product smells great without being over powering it’s lovely to get a wif of it during the day. I apply this product once I’ve washed my hair and towel dried it. I use a quarter size amount and concentrate it on my ends and my bangs, then I let my hair air dry while I do my make up and  then blow dry it and style it. The only downfall (and I don’t even notice it) is that it increases your blow dry time a bit, this is only because it adds moisture to your hair. I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT.  

 The other product I use almost everytime I style my hair is Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil treatment. As I said my hair is very thin and for a long part of my life I struggled with oily hair. This is the ONLY oil I can put in my hair that does not make it oily. I mainly use this produt in my bangs since they are pretty dry from the flat iron. I will occasionaly run it through my ends when they are needing a trim just to help smooth some of the dead ends.  

 Last but not least is my dry shampoo, I try and wash my hair every two to three days. It took me a while to get to this point and the best way to skip the awkward second day oily hair is to do an updo until your hair get used to it. Another important factor is finding a good dry shampoo. My go to is Batiste. I normally use the regular strength once but on days I’m needing an extra boost or if I’m going out I use the XXL volume one. I will also use this as a texture spray if I’m doing a braid or updo.  

 So there you have it, my most used hair produts! What are your favourites? Do you use any of the ones I do? 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all of these opinions are my own, I pay for all my products. 


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