Experience Novelty: professional makeup 

I had the opportunity of getting my makeup done professionally for Mrs.Z’s wedding. I had never had my makeup done before so I wanted to share with you my experience. 

We had a lovely morning getting our hair done at Mrs.Z place and then we headed over to the wedding venue to check in and get our makeup done. The venue recently opened a spa, so it was nice and fresh when we first walked in! The staff was amazingly friendly and very accommodating. The ladies that would be doing are makeup were pretty young I would say no older then 25. The bride and the other bridesmaid got there first so they went first which I liked because I got take a few pictures and also see the style of each aesthetician. As I was watching I thought I liked the style of the one doing the bridesmaids makeup, she seemed to have a more natural look to her and I thought I would like that. She was the one that ended up doing my makeup and it was really nice but I wonder if I would have had the same take away if the one who had done the brides was doing mine.  

 The positives:

She was super friendly

She listened to all my conserns. ( I was worried about having too dramatic of a cat eye since I normally use brown eyeliner and smudge it. I was worried about wearing fake eye lashes for the first time. And I was worried that she wouldn’t contour my chin enough, all of which she did very well and reassured me their was nothing to worry about with the eye lashes.)

She took the picture I brought as a stepping stone to creating a more complete look. She asked me if I wanted more or less (I wanted more) and she did what I asked (add more sparkle) 

She told me I had beautiful eyebrow arches which if you know me is an amazing complement! I don’t wax my eyebrow and I just pluck them so this was a great complement and I think I may have told her it was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! She filled them in nicely and I really liked the look of the gel liner she used and I think I might convert from pencil to gel. 

The negatives (not necessarily negative but things I would have changed/or had expected different results): 

I was surprised how little they did to my skin, they basically applied primer and foundation and blush and bronzer. They didn’t use any concealer to hid my flaws or undereye circles. For some reason this surprised me, I had just expected they would since I do that everyday. However my skin looked great, the only thing I noticed was that I got shinny throughout the night, although I was dancing lots! I remember a random girl powdering my nose while I was in the washroom. Thanks lady! 

I wish I had more setting powder or translucent powder for that very reason I don’t like being shinny! 

My eyelashes kept detaching. Since I have never had eyelashes on I don’t know if this is just something that normally happens or if it was just done poorly but the other bridesmaid had glue with her and she kept fixing them for me!! Thanks Ron! 

I wish my lips had been more conditioned! I used my own lipstick, and they lined my lips and applied it for me but I wish she would have put some lip treatment on before (they did this for the bride and I really liked the look). 

In the end I still love the look I got but I think that next time I will be more vocal with what I want. It was a good experience and I left very relaxed not having to worry about my makeup. I was also surprised that my makeup didn’t irritate my eyes at all! I have very sensitive eyes and not once did they water, well except for the father of the bride’s speech! 

What are your experiences with professional makeup ?? 

Thanks for reading 


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