Chalkboard Bulletin Board Duo

Once upon a time when I was 9 years old I thought it would be a cool idea to paint my giant bulletin board that I have in my bedroom. I drew flowers and hearts and a place for all my cool fiends to sign their name. Then when I was 14 and going through my “Peyton Sawyer Emo phase” I decided to paint it black and white and put lyrics all over it but then I got lazy and only painted a corner of it.  

In recent years I normally cover most of it up with pictures and art but again I’ve been getting lazy… Sooooo I decided to paint the whole thing with chalkboard paint since I had chalkboard paint left over from this project. Of course I ran out of paint after the first coat and had to head out and get more. 

I started by taking off all the pictures I had which was a lot! And then wiped down the board with a moist cloth to get rid of any dust and dirt. After  taping the frame off with electrical tape ( I had no painters tape)I used a foam brush to paint horizontally, then I let the paint dry while I went and bought another bottle and some more brushes. The bottle tells you to wait an hour between coats so I obeyed even though I was tempted not to. After my second coat of vertical lines I noticed there were some spots that you could still see under the paint so without waiting and hour I went over a few spots with a third coat (the world didn’t end) 

Once the board was covered the real waiting started, the chalkboard paint has to cure for 24 hours. To seal the board you have to rub the chalk all over and wipe it off with a dry cloth. 

Then it was finally time to decorate! I drew on a border using the chalkboard marker.I put up a few pictures of different groups of friends and some pictures of my family then did some small chalk outlines and flowers! 

Et voila! The finished product! This is the best decision I’ve made so far regarding the board! 

Now what can I chalkboard paint? 


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