Cause it’s Christmas

I just want to warn you all that the next few weeks will probably be heavy on the baking posts, bare with me, it’s Christmas!

So I was craving dessert as I do far to often, so I decided to make some Christmas cookies. The lack of food in my house left me with little ingredients so I went to the internet to find a simple sugar cookie recipe which required no chill time, ain’t nobody got time for that. I found a pretty simpe recipe here and this is what I made of it. 

I swapped the butter for maragine because I don’t eat butter due to the milk content in it, I would strongly suggest using butter if you have that luxury I’m sure it would make things much better. I also had to use cake and pastry flour since that is all I had in the pantry. Other then that I followed the recipe pretty much to a T.  

 First you cream the butter and sugar in a bowl, then you add an egg and some vanilla, I added a pinch of cinnamon cause I’m a rebel like that.  

Then you mix you flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl and mix that into the wet ingredients one cup at a time. You have to make sure to scrap the bowl often and once I added the last cup of flour I hade to use my spatula to mix the last cup.  

 Then the recipe says to split into two balls and roll them out on a well floured area till they are about 12 inches wide. I did this then got my cookie cutters ready to make pretty shapes. It took me all about 3 seconds to get frustrated and scrap this idea. I made like 6 cookies that resembled blobs of nothing. Instead I rolled the dough into small 1-2 inch balls and then squished them using the bottom of a well floured wine glass. Then I took the top of the wine glass and put it over the circle and spun it gently in a small circular motion to get smooth edges on my cookies.  

Once in the over they only take about 6 minutes, keep a close eye on them because they burn quickly. While they were cooking I quickly mixed some icing sugar with water to make a glaze and set it aside until the cookies were cool.  

 The cookies take no time too cool so I basically started decorating them asap. I poored the glaze into a small ziplock bag and cut a small hole to drizzle it over the cookies, the first hole was too big and basically just deposited blobs of icing but I added sprinkles and well they aren’t the prettiest but the taste pretty damn good. If anyone ask I’ll just say a child decorated them.  

 Ps. Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m one of the messiest cooks and here is my proof. Look at this disaster of a kitchen. 


What are your go to recipes for the holiday season? Please share with me I love trying new things. 


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