Eggs in a Nest

One of the kids I babysit introduced me to the best thing ever. He is a very picky eater and his diet consists of nachos, hummus, cheese and eggs in a nest (we have a lot in common). It’s the simplest most delicious breakfast and you can really make it your own. 

You start with a piece of bread, some margarine and an egg. Butter one side of your bread and using a small glass (I use a stemless  wine glass) make a hole in the middle of your bread. In a frying pan add some margarine to keep your egg from sticking. Then put your bread in the pan with the margarine side facing down.The trick is to let your bread cook a bit before you put your egg in the pan that way your egg is still runny but your bread is crispy. I like to add some more margarine to the bread once it’s in the frying pan that way when you flip it over you get a crispy edge on both side. Once your bread is pretty crispy your going to crack your egg in the hole. Then once it’s cooked for a few minutes flip it over and let the other side of the toast crisp up. 

 Then the fun part begins, you can add what ever you want to the top of it! Cheese, spinach, hot sauce, etc. I added avocado and ham and it was AMAZING! You can really make it your own!  

I’ve also made it with a bagel before and it was pretty good although I found it to heavy once I added stuff. 

What is your go to breakfast?? Have you heard of eggs in a nest? Was I living under a rock? 


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