Lindor surprise cupcakes 

Aka. The best cupcake you will ever have. 

Last weekend I had Other’s family Christmas party and it was filled with really yummy food. I always volunteer to bring dessert because that way I get to enjoy it since I know it’s dairy free. Although, technically these aren’t 100% dairy free since there is a lindor chocolate in the center but chocolate is my exception, especially lindor! 

What you will need

Chocolate icing (cocoa powder, icing not sugar, margarine) 

White cake recipe 

Muffin tins 

Lindor chocolate truffles 

Melting chocolates 

Step one: make your icing, I decided to go with a chocolate butter cream. 1 part margarine (or butter depending on dietary restrictions) 2 parts icing sugar, 1/2 part cocoa powder. Blend on high till smooth. Place in fridge till needed.  

 Step two: mix your white cake batter, place in cupcake tins and cook as you normally would.  

 Step three: while the cupcakes are in the oven open your lindor truffles. I seperated the dark chocolate and light chocolates as to not confuse them. I bought small melting chocolates to flavour code the top of the cupcakes to the corresponding chocolate inside.  

 Step four: when you take the cupcakes out of the oven you want to immediately cut a small X in the middle of the cupcake and then shove a chocolate inside. This will allow the chocolate to melt and be ooey gooey when you bite into it. I was unable to document this because you have to work fast!  

Step five: let the cupcakes cool completely! This way your icing won’t melt. Once they are cool you’re going to want to ice using a pipping bag. (Hint:place your piping bag in a tall cup and fill with icing, this is less messy then trying to hold the bag.) 

  Start in the middle of your cupcake to fill the hole where the chocolates are. You may need to top off the icing a little bit. Make sure you colour code your flavours as you go or you will forget where the different flavours are.  I sprinkled icing sugar over top to make it look like snow. 

 Tada! You are done and they are amazing! 


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