Nail Studs 

My sister and I do each other stockings for Christmas and this year she got me some really great things. One of my favourites were the Sally Hanson nail studs. 

I’m not a huge fan of Sally Hanson products but this definitely has me rethinking that. They are surprisingly easy to put on and stay on really well. 

I will be posting a how-to in the next few weeks but this is a quick outline of what I did to apply them. 

Step 1: file and buff my nails, push back cuticles, prep nail studs by putting them on the table right side up using tweezers.

Step 2: apply 1 coat over all my nails

Step 3: apply a second coat to the fingers I want to add the studs to. 

Step 4: carefully add the studs to the fingers your want while the nail polish is still wet. 

Step 5: apply a second coat to the rest of your nails

Step 6: let dry and apply clear coat over all your nails, including studs. 

Step 7: clean up nails and moisturizer 

  (This picture was taken a couple days later so they are starting to chip a bit) 

The packaging says that you don’t need to apply a clean coat over top but I was to scared not to and the only downside is that the studs are a little more dull but they are definitely more secure. The kit also comes with an application tool which I didn’t really use because it doesn’t pick up the studs as well as the tweezers. 

Like I said I will post a full tutorial with pictures in the next few weeks but I definitely recommend this product! 


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