My say hello to 2016 look

My New Year’s Eve was spent at home in the company of great friends. We had a low key night drinking bubbly, eating LOTS of snacks, playing cards and watching dick’s balls drop, oh and listening to super annoying dogs whine the whole night. Even though we had a quiet night in I wanted to spice up my makeup a bit and I’ve been dying to experiment with my Le Grand Chateau palettes. I was also craving a good winged eyeliner which I rarely do. I really liked my look and think I may have to start wearing winged eyeliner more often. 

I wanted to use a lot of the pinks from the palettes since I hadn’t really used them yet. Since I have a naked 3 palette I have a lot of pink options but I find the ones is the chateau pallete are a bit more pigmented and less sparkley then the naked one which is a really nice change. I darkened  up the corner of my eye using the shade dark horse from my naked palette since it is one of my favourite dark colours.  

I am still waiting for one of my Chrismas present which is a mini camera kit for my iPhone with a tripod included. Once I get this I think I will do a tutorial on a look similar to this for you guys.

Happy 2016 everyone. 



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