Clean and Conditioned Makeup Brushes 

This week has been HECTIC! It was my mom’s 50th birthday, my best friends birthday, the first full week back at work, and I had an interview. Needless to say I kind of neglected to post here. But this morning I got up early because I had a lot of hope for today and wanted to get caught up on a few things. 

One thing I’ve been neglecting to do is clean my make up brushes, I know this is a no-no but I don’t think I have ever cleaned them. OOPS. So today I finally did it and the look so soft I cant wait till they dry so I can rub them all over my face.  

 I started by getting some coconut oil (you can either use cold pressed or stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds to make it a liquid) in one small bowl and some soapy warm water in another. Coconut oil is an amzing way to clean your brushes because it has antibacterial properties, also it makes a great conditioner so your brushes will be extra soft.  

 Then one at a time I stuck the brushed in the coconut oil and swirled it around until it looked like most of the product was off, then I gently pushed it against the wall of the bowl to take any excess off. Once that step was done I repeated the same process in the soapy water. Then I gently rubbed the brush against an old white towel until most of the product was off. If the towel came out brown I would repeat the whole process again ( I had to do this for my main 3 brushes).  

 Once all the brushes were clean I brought them over to the sink and ran them under warm water for a few mintues. (later on as they were drying I noticed that they were still quite oily so I brought them back to the bathroom and used a mild soap to get most of the oil off. In hindsight I should have done this the first time around).Make sure that you face the fibers of the brush down towards the drain, you don’t want to get water up into the glue part of the brush because this will cause the fibers to become loose and fall out. The last step is letting them dry, ideally the best way for them to dry is upside down with the bristles facing towards to ground but that required mcgivering some sort of apparatus I was not prepared to do so I just layed them on a towel to let them dry.  

 Look at that slimey water… gross that was on my face everyday. 

I am waiting for them to dry but I will post a finishing picture once they dry completely.  


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