These are a few of my Favourite Things: Winter Lip Products 

  If you have been following the blog for a while now you will notice that I did one of these with hair products a couple months ago. This is part two and will probably not be the last. I would like to do one for all my favourite products, and a couple other things. Anyways…. lets do winter lips this time! 

I’ve only started really wearing lip colour this year. I don’t know why but I always find it too harsh on my pale skin so it’s been a learning process. I normally just use lip balm since my lips do get VERY dry in both the summer and the winter and since I am prone to cold sores (THE WORST). So here are my top 5 lip products for the winter and how I use them.  

 #1 & 2. BLISTEX: Lip Medex & BLISTEX: Nuture and Nourish

I have about 5 of these floating around. My go to is the lip medex because it is so medicated and protects against the wind and cold and is really good for keeping those cold sores away. I keep this by my bed side and use it every night before bed and every morning, I also put it on at random points in the day. The Nuture and Nourish has been my go to lately when I’m out and about, it isn’t medicated but it does have SPF which I like when I’m out running errands and at work, this one stays easily acessible in by purse’s back pocket. 

#3. SMASHBOX: Be Legendary Lipstick in the colour Nylon Nude

I talked about this is my 2015 Beauty Buys, but I’m going to talk about it again and it probably won’t be the last time. THIS IS THE PERFECT WINTER NUDE! and by nude I don’t mean lip colour I mean like nude skin tone with the perfect amount of warmth. It’s just perfect. HOWEVER, I am not a person who likes their lipstick to last all day, I find any of those long wears dry out your lips and I can’t do it, this does rub off as the day goes own but it does not look sloppy. Trust me it’s wonderful.  

 #4. MAYBELLINE: Colour Sensation in the colour Plum Perfect 

I wanted to be one of those cool people that can pull off a really dark lip but I don’t know if I am. BUT, I try. I bought this lip colour because I have a red lip pencil and I like the way it looks but I find it a bit to bright this is not bright at all and is very warm, almost black/brown. I rarely wear it as a full lipstick because it’s hard to get the perfect line, however I have been using it as a lip stain and I REALLY like the outcome. So what I do is dap the colour on to my lips verly lightly until I get a the colour I like then I rub it in with my finger and top it off with either number 1 or 2. It’s pretty great and stays on decently well since I rub it in and make it more of a stain.  

 (What do you think can I pull this off ?)

#5. VICTORIA SECRET: Colour Shine Gloss in the colour Peek-a-boo 

My mom got me this for christmas and I really like it, which is weird since I’m not a huge gloss fan. I like that it goes on more glossy and less shiny if that makes any sense. It also looks great over top of the Smashbox nude for an extra little pop! I reach for this lots after I do my makeup and want a little something on my lips.  


Please comment with what you think and what your favourite winter lip colours are. 




2 thoughts on “These are a few of my Favourite Things: Winter Lip Products 

  1. I think I need to get some of that Blistex Lip Medex stuff, cause my lips are SUUUUFFFERING right now. This winter is not being kind to my lips at all. I really love that Maybelline Plum Perfect color! I love dark shades I think they look good on your skintone, too!


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