Golden Globes Glow

I will never be Emilia Clarke but I will take every advantage to be more like her. If that is making out with Jason Mamoa then so be it, if it’s mirroring my make up around her flawless look I guess thats acceptable to. 

 Ever since I saw her flawless look on Sunday I wanted to try and replicate it, and I’m actually really excited about the results so you guys are lucky and you get two full post on one day! 

This is the picture I mirrored my look after. It is not exactly the same but it’s a good inspiration. I normally like a very matte look to my skin but Emilia’s skin was radiant and glowy and thats what I went for.  

 I started with my regular full coverage foundation and covered my entire face with it. I normally set my foundation with powder but I skipped this step today, instead I set my eyelids since I knew I wouldnt be using a primer on my eyelids. 

Then I used a light grey shimmer shade over my entire eye lid, and iridescent white and pink shade in the corner of my eye. On my bottom lash line I used the same grey shimmer shade and blended it out. 

Then I applied a brown gel liner to my upper lash for a very subtle linned look. I added black mascara to the top and bottom lashes. 

Then for the brows, Emilia’s look focuses on her perfect brows. I will never have full brows like her but I tried, by using a dark brown powder with no warmth to it, almost a grey brown and went againts the grain of my lashes to create a fuller look.  

 Another important feature of Emilias look are her rosy cheeks and glow, so I used a highlighter all over my face focusing on the cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin. I used a soft pink blush on the apples of my cheeks.  

Finally, I used a nude lip stick and added a bit of rosey gloss over top. 

Heres the final look! 

I am no Emilia but maybe just a bit closer to making out with Jason Momoa.  


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