Over to The Dark Side 

Yes, I just quoted starwars, no this is not a post about light sabres. With it being the middle of winter here in Ottawa, the days are quite gloomy and I’ve been repeating my outfits of dark cozy sweaters.

 Since it’s been so dark out I’ve been keeping my make up pretty dark on day where I’m just doing casual things. I normally only wear my eye makeup dark when I’m going out (which is not very often) and sometimes I crave a nice smokey eye. Lately I’ve also been doing a liquid liner when I want a really dark look. I need to work on my flick so it’s not as perfect as I would like. Since I don’t use liquid liner a lot I don’t really know what kind of formula I like yet. I think I prefer a gel and and I’ve just been using a black pot from a Quo palette I’ve had for a few years. I definitely need to invest in something better although I actually really like this formula. (If you have suggestions please share!) 

The trick to a good day time dark look is to only use a bit of a dark near the outer order and use a more subtle grey, or colour in the middle and inner corner. I love playing with the colour Provence  from my new too faced Le grand chateau and some of the pinks are really fun too. The shade rendezvous is also a perfect neutral. I also like to use what ever is left in my brush to blend out the bottom lash line and create a bit of a shadow without over doing it.   

 Loving this purple look from Le Grand Chateau 

 Here is a more subtle brown dark look 


7 thoughts on “Over to The Dark Side 

  1. I have a favorite! Elf liquid pencil! It’s like a pen for your eyes! Because of that, it’s easy to apply and the amount of pressure decides your thickness. And, the best part is it’s like $1 at target! I went drug store in the eye liner and mascara department and I may never go back! 🙂


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