DIY: shadow box 

Hey everyone! I am having a pretty busy week so my posts will probably a bit lack lustre this week. This is one that I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for days like today when I don’t really feel like making an effort. 

The lighting in my room sucks, it always has and no matter how many lights I put in my room it has a dark atmosphere. I have a huge window but the sun never shines in. I have one ceiling light that is antique and doesn’t give off much light and then I have a lamp on my vanity I use to do my make up. This lamp is very harsh especially when I’m taking pictures/ videos. So I decided to try and turn this lamp into a shadow box. The results are minor but it does help a bit for now until I find a true solution (aka a new house). 

Here’s what you need 

A lamp, an old Kleenex box, an old white sheet or pillow case, tape and scissors  

 Step 1. Cut the top off your Kleenex box 

Step 2. Cut a small hole and slit into your Kleenex box 

Step 3. Cut a piece of fabric an inch bigger then your Kleenex box. 

Step 4: tape 3 edges of your fabric to the Kleenex box, leaving the bottom open so you can take the Kleenex box on and off. 

   The change is minimal but it is a bit less harsh. As for the best light it is obviously natural light and I hate using a flash so this is as good as it will get until I move out of my parents house! 


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