Vest obsessed 

Holy these last two weeks have seemed to just keep going and I haven’t had a day to catch up on my blogging. I normally take Friday’s as my blog work day but I’ve been working my real job the past two Friday’s and just haven’t been able to sit down and write. Also I’ve been lacking some inspiration but I’m sure I can find enough content to keep you interested. 

Last week I walked in to jcrew “just to browse” and ended up making the best purchase ever. They had vests on sale for 30$! Normally their vest are around 169$ so this was a steal! The sizes and colours were limited but I found two I liked, one was a charcoal grey (which I was obsessed with) but the size was too big, and then the other was a subtle plaid, mostly grey but with some blue in it, but sizing was perfect. Since I’m trying to lose weight I decided it was probably best to buy the one that fit rather then the one that was too big.  

Guys, I’m obsessed. It’s been pretty mild here in Ottawa for end of January/ early February  and I always feel so constricted driving in my parka so I’ve been opting for my vest with lots of layers and it’s so perfect. You can dress it up with jewelry or dress it down with sorels and a scarf. This is the best purchase I’ve made in a while. I think I’m going to have to invest (sorry for the pun) in another one come spring time, it’s litterally perfect.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to wear it.  

 Here are the selfies I took and sent to my friend when I need help deciding which one to buy! They are not the best pictures but I wanted to show you the casual look with layers and sorels! 

(Ps I wish I had this lighting in my room!)  

Also loving this outfit!  

Those are joggers for the record, excuse the lighting as noted before.Wore it with cute ankle boots! 


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