Daiying for some Mac and Cheese 

I’m all about the puns lately (and anyone that’s knows be know I hate puns so I don’t know what’s happening). I’ve been craving gross Kraft dinner (with hotdogs and ketchup) for what feels like an eternity, but since I’m lactose free this isn’t as easy to come by. So I decided I would try the Daiya Mac and cheese but the health food store has been sold out forever. Instead I caved and bought the Alfredo version (plus it was on sale).  

 Previously I have not been a huge fan of Daiya, the one product I’ve tried is their cream cheese and it’s god awful. But last week a friend of mine convinced me to try their pizza and I was fairly content with it. So I was partially skeptical and partially excited to try the Mac and cheese. It didn’t quite hit the spot like I Kraft dinner and hotdogs would, but I’m glad I tried it.  

 VERDICT: I’d buy it again. I don’t know if it’s something I will crave but if it’s on sale and it’s there I will buy it. 

I am pretty good at making an Alfredo sauce I can eat but this is way quicker and way easier. 

The lady at the store told me not to use all the sauce because she says it’s way too much. I took her advice and I’m glad I did because I used maybe 3 tablespoons of the sauce at the most and now I have enough for at least 2 if not 3 more meals. I added some of my organic cheese and cracked pepper on top and it was pretty decent.  

 Stay tuned for my feelings on the orange cheddar version (which I requested be held for me at the store so it will happen!!)  

Have you tried daiya products? What do you think? 


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