Out with the Old in the New 

If you have been reading the blog for a while you know that I still live with my parents and well my closet is small, tiny actually and I have to share with Other. Therefore, I have to keep my clothing now addiction to a minimum (HA!). I told myself that for every new piece of clothing I bought I would donate a piece from my closet that I don’t wear to its full potential. 

I really needed a few plain tshirts  and since my favourite colour to wear is black I may have purchased 4 black shirts… But they are all different I swear. 

Here is what a bought and what I donated! 

The old    

Burgundy button down
: I bought this when I was doing my teaching placement and well let’s just say it fit better then. I would still wear this if it was baggy on my but it’s not so off to Sally Ann! 

Charcoal grey sweater with zipper accent: I absolutely love the look of this on the hanger but it is sooooo clingy on! And it has shrunk quite a bit in the wash… Sad to see this go. 

Cropped sweater: I also love this sweater but I bought it when I was in much better shape and it had a few holes in it so I guess it’s time to move on. 

Beige sweater dress: I bought this sweater on sale and well the colour and shape is just kinda bleh on me. 

The New!


Plain black tee: this is just a plain old black t-shirt I actually already own this shirt but it has a few holes in it so I decided to get a new one! (Joe fresh)

Black t-shirt with back slit: this shirt seems like a plain black t-shirt but when you turn around Bam! There’s a back slit! Super cute! (Walmart) 

Black and white blouse: this is a bit more of a dressy fabric and it falls so nicely! I’m going to wear it on a interview Monday with a blazer. (Walmart)

Black t-shirt with see through hem: this shirt is so cute! It’s hard to see in this picture but it has a very cute hem detail! So I added an extra picture for you to see!(Joe fresh)   


If you guys want to see how I style these follow me on snapchat! simplylove.life

Thanks for reading! 


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