Mason jars and flowers 

I’m currently at work and trying to sneak in being productive! I’m not slacking at my job I promise! My client is hanging out with some of her friends! 

One of my favourite things is fresh flowers and I try to convince Other to buy me them every once and a while! But the worst part of fresh flowers is watching them die! So what do you do when your flowers have no more life…revive them in a mason jar! 

Here are my sad flowers from Valentine’s Day. 

  You will need some paper towel, string and scissors. The paper towels is just to prevent a mess and to make it easier to put in the compost after. 
Lay your flowers down and pick off any very dead leaves and petals. 


Tie the stems together and leave a small loop so you can hang the flowers up. 

Find a place to hang them with the flowers facing down and leave them there for at least 2 weeks. I’ve taken them down before and they have gone mouldy so you really need to make sure there is no moisture left in them.  

 (Shout out to my adorable friends)

 I have some that have been hanging since November as well so I’m going to show you how to finish them off.

Trim off the stems at the base of the flower and gently place them in a mason jar, arrange them so that the “prettiest” part of the flower is showing. I also like to mark what event the flower is from on the bottom of the jar. I bought a larger jar to use as a centrepiece at a party I’m hosting next month.  Put the lid on tight and decorate it with twine or ribbon if you  want to jazz it up a bit.  
 And voila you have a beautiful piece of decore and you can keep your flowers forever.  



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