Charmed Aroma Reveal: Velvet Peach 

Hey guys! I planned to write this post while I was at work this morning but my boss brought his adorable little guy in and I’ve been playing with him all morning. 

Last week Other surprised me with a candle from Charmed Aroma for no reason at all! Those are my favourite kinds of presents! I was super excited and really anxious to see what ring in got! I started burning the candle immediately and basically burned it the whole evening. I got the smell velvet peach and I love it so much! It’s such a nice soft spring scent with a little bit of warmth and a hint of vanilla.  


I kept checking it the first night but couldn’t see anything till the next day. I started burning it around 10am the next morning until about 1. At 1 I just started to see the tinfoil, I then went to take a shower and when I got out I could see the whole piece of tin foil. 

  (The first sight)

Here is the video of the reveal

And here is the beautiful ring I got! It’s only worth 30$ but I really like it and have already worn it a few times! This will not be my last purchase for Charmed Aroma! 


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