DIY: Echinacea Body Scrub 

Last weekend Mrs.Z came over to do some crafting for the upcoming bridal shower we are hosting. The theme for the bridal shower is shabby chic with mason jars and green! We decided to make a body scrub for the guest favours and put them in little mason jars. We thought that it would be quite expensive but the most pricey thing was the mason jars to hold the scrub the other ingredients are super inexpensive. Here is was you need 

Oil (you can use coconut, canola, or anything really we decided to use olive!) 

Sugar (and lots of it) 

Essential oil (again you can choose what ever you want we went with echinacea, since it’s one of the cheapest and smells great!) 

*side note: did you know essential oils vary in price based on how hard it is so produce! I was amazed that lavender oil was around 30$ for a 30ml bottle! 

And a vessel to hold your scrub. Since we were making no 36 favours we went will small mason jars, however we purchased small spice jars for ourselves!  

The recipe calls for 1 cup sugar to 1/4 oil. We mixed it in small batches of 2 cups sugar to 1/2 oil with about 10-20 drops of essential oil depending on how sented you want it. Each double batch made about 7 mason jars with 1/4 cup scrub or just under 2 cups of all together. 

We wanted to the scrub to have some colour to it, we thought we would want to add food coloring but the oil added a very subtle natural green look. You could add a few drops of food colouring if you wanted. 

We used an ice cream scoop to distribute the product to the mason jars which made the process super easy. We decorated the mason jar kids using cupcake liners turned upside down and added the couples initials to make it a little more personal. 

The scrub is amazing, very gentle since all the products are natural, I even used it on my face. It leaves you a skin soft, silky and smells amazing. This would be such a good product to use in the bath when you are feeling congested since the echinacea really helps with colds! 

Thanks for reading! 

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