Fast Forward: Bathroom Style

Here is another post from the Fast Forward series where I will be sharing with you styles that I hope to have in the future (Home, wedding, children etc.) Check HERE for other posts from the series.

Today we will be taking a look at my future bathroom. For most of my life I have had to endure a bathroom with no natural light, white walls with black accents… BORING! So I am really excited to have a bathroom that I  actually want to share with guests in my house. I know that I probably won’t get this bathroom in my first home, because we are looking at town homes where the bathrooms are quite small but this is my ideal, dream bathroom.

To start off I really want a light, airy grey bathroom with yellow accents. I just think this looks so fresh and calming, somewhere I would actually enjoy taking a bath and getting ready. Also, the fun thing about a neutral bathroom and a accent colour is that if you get bored you can totally change it up with a new accent colour!

I would love a free standing bathtub, I think this instantly makes your bathroom more classy, and I would love if it was big enough for two people. I also really like that this one is by a window, and gives you something to look at while relaxing in the tub.

I really like the idea of a yellow statement piece such as this linen chest. The yellow is subtle and I like that it’s antique looking. I also really like the shaggy grey rug, although I’m not sure if it would get mouldy from the water.

I love the light fixtures and the vanity in the next picture, if you haven’t noticed I like things that have an antique feel, although lets be honest I’m going to need a dual vanity.

I would also really like to have one wall that has some type of subtle wallpaper to add a little character to the bathroom, this would also make for a great video background for makeup tutorials.

Finally what is a bathroom without a shower, and a steam,glass shower at that. I also really like the yellow accent bench in the shower.

I can’t wait to have a bathroom that is enjoyable to be in! And I really love this colour scheme.

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