Adulting 101: Organization

I have some exciting news!!! I got a job!! I finally made it on the a supply list for a school board in the town I live in! I’m super excited and sure you will hear more about it. And plus I’ll be going shopping soon for my teachers clothes. 

In December I wrote a post about organizing my vanity. Since then I’ve had a very hard time keeping it clean and have acquired a few more products. So my vanity/desk area was looking a “little” disorganized. 

 So I decided to be an adult and go buy some furniture to help organize. I went to 2-3 stores and I had 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and I told myself I would quickly go into JYSK. Upon entering I took about 5 steps before I found exactly what I wanted. I quickly ran to the cash to check out and had a lovely conversation with the sales associate about the lovely April snow… 

 Other “gladly” built the shelves for me, although I’m sure I could have done it myself if I had to, since it didn’t even require any tools. I places the glass shelves beside my vanity and used the box that I was using to literally throw all my make up in to help me organize a bit. I also bought a makeup organizer to house all my essentials so I don’t always have to pull the box off the shelf.

I love this shelf so much because it looks grown up and and I can use it for decor and extra storage space! I’m obsessed with my new working area! And I love how clean it is!



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