My Calligraphy Journey

I have always been a fan of word art and cursive writing and ever since I started drawing again I’ve been super intrigued buy the thought of trying calligraphy. So when my friend asked me to do some calligrafy for her wedding I jumped at the chance. However it has been a journey. And I’m still not a pro and I’m still trying to refine my style. I really like the whispy curly style but I’m having a hard time mastering it.  

I started out just using fine tip pens but soon invested in some calligraphy pens. 

They take some getting use to because you have to hold them at a certain angle. I find if you start at the bottom of your letter it deposits more ink and looks a bit nicer. 

I started following #letterarchive on Instagram and it inspired me to do my own letter archive and focus on one letter a day. 

Today starts the beginning of my journey, stay tuned for my calligrafy alphabet that is soon to come.  



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