Pop the Champagne, she’s changing her last name 

My best friend, my sister from another mister, my goofy other half is getting married in 13 short days. HOLY CRAP. I’ve known her since we were fetuses, well I was a baby but she was a fetus. We met because my parents and her parents were neighbors and my mom was her day care provider, and so our relationship started with a lot of biting and fighting over my moms attention (she won most of the time). But we never grew apart, not when I moved out to the country, not when we got boy friends, not ever. We will be friends forever and I know that for a fact. 

Okay enough with the mush, as one of her maids of honour (she’s different and had two) it was mine and the others and bridesmaid to plan her last night of freedom as a non-married woman. She loves going to the casino, she collects cards, she loves gambling, and she loves champagne (who doesn’t). So we decided to rent a hotel room across the road from the casino in hull. Since I am the more creative one of the group (although mrs.Z out created me with the wall poofs… See here) I took it upon myself to make some adorable things for the shower. 

First I got  shirts made for me and the rest of the bridal party. 

  Then I used the same saying to make us our own individual champagne bottle and then one for us to share.  

 I really wanted to do before and after pictures of us the night before going out and then the morning after. We didn’t get to the after picture, for self explanatory reasons. 

 And I also made is some bridal taboo to play. 

Also it enlisted the brides aunt to make us some adorable cookies.  

 And finally I made champagne flavoured, casino decorated cupcakes.  

Overall it was an amazing night, but we were all a little slow the next morning and I still feel like I’m recovering. Man we are old. 


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