Instagram Round-up 

Here is my mid September Instagram round-up, it’s been a busy one. 

Captions are from left to right, top to bottom. 

Sleepovers with my sun and stars|name art for a little man| lots of cupcakes for a little man| early morning baking |work life| glitter cookies| cheers| down by the water| long hair don’t care, last of the birthday celebrations| 25 with bae| besties for 25 years| birthday dinner number one 

Good hair days| summer reads| pizza on the barby | kitty snuggles| corn roasts| summer dinner| popcorn and toonies|rouge|pretending it’s fall

His and hers| feeling like fall| plaid on plaid stag and doe| shameless selfie| mani| new favourite lip colour| healthy eats| tea quotes| beavertails 

Pup pics| on point outfit| fall mushroom soup | glitter card holder| sleepy kitty| pumpkin candle time of year| dark hair dark lip and sweater| brunette|business cards. 


Fast Forward: Baby Boy Style

Here is another post from the Fast Forward series where I will be sharing with you styles that I hope to have in the future (Home, wedding, children etc.) Check HERE for other posts from the series.

Today we are going to fast forward to when I have an adorable baby boy. Any one who knows me, knows I love children. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a old enough to go to school. I am super excited to be pregnant in the future (I am also scared as hell, and in no rush, as long as I start by the time I’m 30). I also think it’s really fun to dress up little dudes because they look like tiny little humans… okay I’m getting off track. Needless to say, I really want a baby boy first because I like the dynamic of an older brother, but I will also do one of these posts for girls as well.

Let’s start !

Fast Forward_ Baby Boy Style

This one was hard to choose because babies are so adorable. You can probably sense an overall theme to this and basically I want to dress by son as if he is a mini hipster. Like seriously nothing is more adorable.

I really like monochromatic looks on kids and staying with blacks and greys make the child look sophisticated even when they are an itty bitty baby. Like look at that adorable beenie and cardigan… I seriously can’t handle it!

Up next are baby joggers, I love when babies wear sweatpants because let’s be real the are the most comfortable yet adorable thing ever. Plus, joggers are cute and fashionable.

I also love a baby in jean. Like hello tiny man! and look at that little bow tie. He’s rockin’ this Canadian tuxedo.

Baby Toms, because they are an amazing organization, durable and hella adorable.

Plaid, because I am a country girl and my baby will need a little plaid in his life.

Other is OBSESSED with wolves so it is fitting that our baby will have a Wolf teddy. AND i came across an adorable wolf/Game of Thrones onesie and I just couldn’t resist adding it. (Is is appropriate for a baby to be wearing a logo that appears on a tv show with incest…. This may cause issues on mommy blogs…)

Finally, “I woke up like this” onsie, because graphic word art is my new favorite fashion trend… and babies are probably the only people that actually wake up adorable.

 Thanks for reading! 


Outfit and makeup balance 

Some days I feel like pumping up my makeup and hair, other days I feel like wearing a fancier outfit but the most important thing is to find a balance between the two. If I know I’m going to do a dark smokey eye and curls I remember to keep my outfit simple. If I’m going to wear heals and a fancy outfit then I keep my makeup natural and my hair simple.

Here is how to balance the look.

A dark grey smokey eye with curls

Relaxed baggy black and white striped tee and black leggings paired with minimalist necklace

Similar shirt here

Similar leggings here

How do you find balance?

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Out with the Old in the New 

If you have been reading the blog for a while you know that I still live with my parents and well my closet is small, tiny actually and I have to share with Other. Therefore, I have to keep my clothing now addiction to a minimum (HA!). I told myself that for every new piece of clothing I bought I would donate a piece from my closet that I don’t wear to its full potential. 

I really needed a few plain tshirts  and since my favourite colour to wear is black I may have purchased 4 black shirts… But they are all different I swear. 

Here is what a bought and what I donated! 

The old    

Burgundy button down
: I bought this when I was doing my teaching placement and well let’s just say it fit better then. I would still wear this if it was baggy on my but it’s not so off to Sally Ann! 

Charcoal grey sweater with zipper accent: I absolutely love the look of this on the hanger but it is sooooo clingy on! And it has shrunk quite a bit in the wash… Sad to see this go. 

Cropped sweater: I also love this sweater but I bought it when I was in much better shape and it had a few holes in it so I guess it’s time to move on. 

Beige sweater dress: I bought this sweater on sale and well the colour and shape is just kinda bleh on me. 

The New!


Plain black tee: this is just a plain old black t-shirt I actually already own this shirt but it has a few holes in it so I decided to get a new one! (Joe fresh)

Black t-shirt with back slit: this shirt seems like a plain black t-shirt but when you turn around Bam! There’s a back slit! Super cute! (Walmart) 

Black and white blouse: this is a bit more of a dressy fabric and it falls so nicely! I’m going to wear it on a interview Monday with a blazer. (Walmart)

Black t-shirt with see through hem: this shirt is so cute! It’s hard to see in this picture but it has a very cute hem detail! So I added an extra picture for you to see!(Joe fresh)   


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Thanks for reading! 

Snapchat bandwagon 

Hi followers and readers! So I really want to jump in the snapchat bandwagon but I want to hear from you guys first. 

1. Would you follow?

2. How easy is it to switch from one account to another (the reason I ask this is because I have a personal snapchat account that I would like to keep personal and then I’d like to have one for the blog, has anyone else done this) 

Help a girl out? 

New kicks and digs 

I was jonesing to spend some money and I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of casual sneakers to wear with jeans and joggers, as well as a casual grey dress with long sleeves! I’ve actually wanted a dress like this for over a year and I’m so happy I finally found the perfect one! I went to one of the outlet malls close to my place and found the perfect pair of sneakers and the perfect dress. 

The shoes are from Aldo and were on sale for 50% off so I got them for 36$! 

The dress is from dynamite and was around 40$. 

I have a bridal shower to attend coming up and I plan on wearing the dress with these booties and a cute necklace! 

(Excuse my clothes on the floor!) 

Also was so in love with my hair today, inspired by Kate over at the small things blog!