Ahoy baby! 

A friend of mine recently welcomed a little baby nephew. This weekend I got to meet the little guy and decided to paint something for him. His room theme is ocean so I figured an anchor was fitting (they also happen to be one of my favourite things to draw). I wanted to share with you a bit of the process.

The first thing I did was find a picture of an anchor on google that I liked using my iPad. Once I found one I quickly traced it out. Then I take the time to fix it up until I like the over all shape. 

Then with my iPad I use a light box app to trace the anchor using my brush pen markers. 

Once that was done I used my aquash water pen to fill in the banner where i would be putting his name. 

Once the water colour was dry I picked a font for his name and wrote it in with a brush pen. 

Eh voila! A little anchor for a little man.  




It starts with a capital and ends with a period.

Calligraphy, word art, pressing brush to paper and creating a beautiful piece of art. Something I have always loved, something I have always been told I was good at but something I always wanted to be better at. If you read the blog fairly consistently you know that I started my calligraphy journey a few months ago and I like to think that I have come a long way. I spend a lot of my free time watching youtube and instagram videos about techniques. and I wanted to share some of my work with you.

I have also decided to start a small business, nothing big or profitable but something I enjoy doing and something I want to share with people.


If you are interested in purchasing any work please visit Love & Letters on Facebook. 

Adulting 101: Organization

I have some exciting news!!! I got a job!! I finally made it on the a supply list for a school board in the town I live in! I’m super excited and sure you will hear more about it. And plus I’ll be going shopping soon for my teachers clothes. 

In December I wrote a post about organizing my vanity. Since then I’ve had a very hard time keeping it clean and have acquired a few more products. So my vanity/desk area was looking a “little” disorganized. 

 So I decided to be an adult and go buy some furniture to help organize. I went to 2-3 stores and I had 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and I told myself I would quickly go into JYSK. Upon entering I took about 5 steps before I found exactly what I wanted. I quickly ran to the cash to check out and had a lovely conversation with the sales associate about the lovely April snow… 

 Other “gladly” built the shelves for me, although I’m sure I could have done it myself if I had to, since it didn’t even require any tools. I places the glass shelves beside my vanity and used the box that I was using to literally throw all my make up in to help me organize a bit. I also bought a makeup organizer to house all my essentials so I don’t always have to pull the box off the shelf.

I love this shelf so much because it looks grown up and and I can use it for decor and extra storage space! I’m obsessed with my new working area! And I love how clean it is!


Fast Forward: Bathroom Style

Here is another post from the Fast Forward series where I will be sharing with you styles that I hope to have in the future (Home, wedding, children etc.) Check HERE for other posts from the series.

Today we will be taking a look at my future bathroom. For most of my life I have had to endure a bathroom with no natural light, white walls with black accents… BORING! So I am really excited to have a bathroom that I  actually want to share with guests in my house. I know that I probably won’t get this bathroom in my first home, because we are looking at town homes where the bathrooms are quite small but this is my ideal, dream bathroom.

To start off I really want a light, airy grey bathroom with yellow accents. I just think this looks so fresh and calming, somewhere I would actually enjoy taking a bath and getting ready. Also, the fun thing about a neutral bathroom and a accent colour is that if you get bored you can totally change it up with a new accent colour!

I would love a free standing bathtub, I think this instantly makes your bathroom more classy, and I would love if it was big enough for two people. I also really like that this one is by a window, and gives you something to look at while relaxing in the tub.

I really like the idea of a yellow statement piece such as this linen chest. The yellow is subtle and I like that it’s antique looking. I also really like the shaggy grey rug, although I’m not sure if it would get mouldy from the water.

I love the light fixtures and the vanity in the next picture, if you haven’t noticed I like things that have an antique feel, although lets be honest I’m going to need a dual vanity.

I would also really like to have one wall that has some type of subtle wallpaper to add a little character to the bathroom, this would also make for a great video background for makeup tutorials.

Finally what is a bathroom without a shower, and a steam,glass shower at that. I also really like the yellow accent bench in the shower.

I can’t wait to have a bathroom that is enjoyable to be in! And I really love this colour scheme.

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Fast Forward : Kitchen Style

If you have been reading for a while you know I am pretty eager to move out of my parents house. Me and Other moved back in with my parents last summer after living with his Pops for the past two years. Basically long story short we were living with Pops because he lives in the city , has air conditioning and good internet.He is however in the middle of renovation the house to sell, so he politely kicked us out. My parents live in the middle of no where, have no air conditioning and crap internet. I am very thankful however that they allowed us to stay here rent free.

Other and I are both in the process of getting full time jobs since we both recently finished university and college. We both picked fields that don’t have the most job opportunities. We are eager to move out, and have been in the process of looking for town homes in the city. I have fallen in love with one (pictures below) and now we are at a stand still until we have good jobs and can apply for a mortgage.

So this beings a series of blog post called Fast Forward where I will talk about my future home style, and various other styles (ex. Wedding dresses, wedding decor, children clothes etc.) basically they will be post to get me through the next couple of years without actually purchasing any of this stuff (consider it window shopping).

Here we go!

Fast Forward_ Kitchen Style

Will be discussing items from left to right, none of these pictures (with the exception of the cookies) were taken by me,they do not belong to me, they were found on pinterest.

To start, I really want to have a fresh, clean and white kitchen. The kitchen I had growing up and the one I have now are both very dark, dark tile, dark cabinets, dark back splash, so I really seek the opposite. Plus, I plan to do a lot of blogging in my kitchen since I love to cook and I really want my pictures to be bright and airy. Therefore, I would like white shaker style cabinets, with lots of natural light, antique touches and turquoise accents.

I love to baking as many of you know, I would like to display baked goods whenever I get creative in the kitchen.

The third picture has a few things  I like. I really want to have fresh flowers whenever I can, I think it really make a house homey, I also really like the touches of metal in the jar and in the light fixture, and I love the accent of wood in the background.

The forth picture shows a pot filler which I plan to have since Other and I love pasta. I also really like a gas range and find it makes a kitchen look much more high end. A bonus of this picture is the subway tile, I really love subway tile and this color is beautiful.

This is one of the items I am super excited to own! A turquoise stand mixer, I just need it! I would use the shit out of this kitchen gadget.

I already have a collection of mason jars, and would love to utilize them in my kitchen, I would also really love to have my own herb garden using mason jars.

Finally, I love coffee and really want to have designated coffee bar. I also really want a chalkboard in the kitchen and this would be such a cute way to do it!

Here are the pictures of the house we were looking at! They are new builds and are available in June/July and December, so there is still hope. Obviously I like the turquoise touches and accent wall. I’m not a huge fan of the kitchen, but the good thing about buying new builds is you have the opportunity to pick finishes you want. I also really love the separation between the dining room and the living space. You can’t see but there is also an eat-in part of the kitchen so I may use the “dinning room” for a more functional place such as a small office or reading nook.


Let me know what you think of this series. Even if you don’t like it, but I will be  continuing regardless because this was a really fun post to write!