Instagram Round-up 

Here is my mid September Instagram round-up, it’s been a busy one. 

Captions are from left to right, top to bottom. 

Sleepovers with my sun and stars|name art for a little man| lots of cupcakes for a little man| early morning baking |work life| glitter cookies| cheers| down by the water| long hair don’t care, last of the birthday celebrations| 25 with bae| besties for 25 years| birthday dinner number one 

Good hair days| summer reads| pizza on the barby | kitty snuggles| corn roasts| summer dinner| popcorn and toonies|rouge|pretending it’s fall

His and hers| feeling like fall| plaid on plaid stag and doe| shameless selfie| mani| new favourite lip colour| healthy eats| tea quotes| beavertails 

Pup pics| on point outfit| fall mushroom soup | glitter card holder| sleepy kitty| pumpkin candle time of year| dark hair dark lip and sweater| brunette|business cards. 


Reviving your Brow Wiz 

What’s this, a blog post, let’s just pretend I was here the whole time. 

I recently dyed my hair a bit darker than normal. I normally do lowlights and this time I did a full head dye. So my light blonde eyebrows really disappear this time around. Lately I’ve been using the Sephora brow builder or my elf eye brow palette in light. And while I love both those products they are a bit to light/orangey for my new hair coulor. 

So I pulled out my Anastasia brow wiz which I have stopped using because it’s was VERY dried out. I had a thought that. What if I added some castor oil which is known to help hair growth and will also listen up the dried out product. 

Keep reading to see how it turned out. 

What you will need. 

A sad paint pot. 

A brush to stir (I needed up using another one to actually mix because it got really messy)

Castor oil (you can find this at the drug store near the diaretics or the rubbing alcohol) 

Step one: I dipped my brush into the castor oil and dripped a bit of oil into the pot.

Step two: mix that shit up, until it turns its to a creamy/mousey texture. 

Step three: clean up the sides and pack the product back in. 

Looks better than new! 

I almost forgot what it was like to have Anastasia brows 😍. 

***my brows are never perfectly even because one of my brow bones always raises… first world problems 

Adulting 101: Organization

I have some exciting news!!! I got a job!! I finally made it on the a supply list for a school board in the town I live in! I’m super excited and sure you will hear more about it. And plus I’ll be going shopping soon for my teachers clothes. 

In December I wrote a post about organizing my vanity. Since then I’ve had a very hard time keeping it clean and have acquired a few more products. So my vanity/desk area was looking a “little” disorganized. 

 So I decided to be an adult and go buy some furniture to help organize. I went to 2-3 stores and I had 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and I told myself I would quickly go into JYSK. Upon entering I took about 5 steps before I found exactly what I wanted. I quickly ran to the cash to check out and had a lovely conversation with the sales associate about the lovely April snow… 

 Other “gladly” built the shelves for me, although I’m sure I could have done it myself if I had to, since it didn’t even require any tools. I places the glass shelves beside my vanity and used the box that I was using to literally throw all my make up in to help me organize a bit. I also bought a makeup organizer to house all my essentials so I don’t always have to pull the box off the shelf.

I love this shelf so much because it looks grown up and and I can use it for decor and extra storage space! I’m obsessed with my new working area! And I love how clean it is!


Mini Sephora Haul

Mini, yet expensive, aren’t they always.

I’ve been waiting to go to Sephora for the past week or so and finally went because Other wanted to buy a new iPod and was going to the mall anyways. So as he went and spent $300 on an iPod, I went and spent $80 at Sephora.


I wanted to purchase a eye primer, since I’ve been using a sample for about a week now and I decided it was time to purchase the full size. So I bought the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden. I really wanted a primer that acts as a matte base for my shadows. In the past I normally just use Maybelline’s colour tattoo but I’ve been wearing a lot of matte eye shadows lately and I don’t like that the shimmer shines through with that product. I really like the Urban Decay one, my eyeshadow goes on like butter and it stays put all day!

The next thing I need was a brush cleaning solution. I wrote a post on using coconut oil as a brush cleanser a few months ago (see here). Which is great if you want to really deep clean your brushes but I wanted something with less steps that I could use on a weekly basis. The sales associate at Sephora recommended I use the Blenderclenser Solid. I really enjoy this product! It leaves my brushed feeling soft and looking brand new! It also comes with a little pad to help you foam up the cleaning product and you can flip it over to rest your brushes on while they dry.

The last thing I purchased was the Anastasia Brow brush in #12. In the past I have been using a quo brush for both my eye liner and by brow product which meant having to clean it between each use (a royal pain in the ass) and I was just using the spooly on my brow wiz to brush out my brows, however, the spooly recently broke off my brow wiz so I was using a little nubby spooly to brush out my brows. I decided I would invest in a good brush and after shopping around (trying to find a cheaper alternative) I decided the dual ended one from Anastasia was actually the most inexpensive (the other option was to buy a spooly and brush separately). I’ve only used the brush twice but it is crazy how much a brush can effect the outcome of your brow!

The next 3 products I got were foundation samples. I am in a wedding next year that I have to do my own makeup for. Although I love doing makeup this is kind of a daunting task since I will be in lots of pictures. I really want to find a good, full coverage, long lasting foundation. So the sales associate at Sephora colour matched my skin and gave me three different samples. I got the Kat Von D Lock-it foundation, the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear foundation, and the Becca Ultimate Coverage complexion creme. I am going to be testing these out over the next little bit and will do a full blog post on my feelings towards each one. If you have any recommendations for a full coverage long lasting foundation PLEASE share!

That is all for now! I hope you enjoyed this post! It is a bit longer than I had anticipated so thank you if you took the time to read it all!




Review: Garnier Micellar Water

Happy Good Friday Readers! 

Last month I entered a contest on the Garnier Canada Facebook page to win their new Micellar Water. All I hade to  do was comment on their post with why I wanted to try their product. To my surprise I won! So last week the package arrived at my door and I was super pumped to give it a try. 

I have been using Garnier products for as long as I can rememeber. I really love Fruictus hair products and last year discovered how much I love thier skin care products!  I current use thier Moisture Renew Cream Gel (check out this post for more info!). I have also recently fallen in love with thier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Gel and their 2 in 1 Makeup Remover. So I was super pumped to try the Micellar Water. 

 I love using light products on my skin at night because my skin tends to be the most oily then . I was really hoping that this would be an all-in-one product that would remove my waterproof makeup,cleanse my skin  and refreshes like a toner. That was wishful thinking because most makeup removers need some type of oil to get off that stuck on waterproof makeup which would defeat the purpose of refreshing as a toner would. This product does take off the bulk of my makeup (like my foundation) but I have to use it with the makeup remover (I guess two steps is alright). It definately cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed as a toner should. Apparently there is a waterproof Micellar water that does remove waterproof makeup, this might be worth a try! 

There is one downside that I really don’t like and don’t know if I can get passed and that is the smell. Most Garnier products have such a fresh and clean smell and this one has such a strange smell… I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s almost like a strong smelling dirt smell, or earthy smell,almost like lake water, I really don’t  enjoy. I find if I moisturize afterwards the smell is covered up by the moisturizer but every once and a while I get a wif of the water and it really turns me off.  

I’m glad I got this product because I do really like the formula I just don’t know if I can get past the smell. I am unsure if I would repurchase it but if you can get passed the smell I think it is a great product!

Thanks Garnier for the product! 

Disclaimer: I was not asked to do this review I was simply gifted the product to try. 

Outfit and makeup balance 

Some days I feel like pumping up my makeup and hair, other days I feel like wearing a fancier outfit but the most important thing is to find a balance between the two. If I know I’m going to do a dark smokey eye and curls I remember to keep my outfit simple. If I’m going to wear heals and a fancy outfit then I keep my makeup natural and my hair simple.

Here is how to balance the look.

A dark grey smokey eye with curls

Relaxed baggy black and white striped tee and black leggings paired with minimalist necklace

Similar shirt here

Similar leggings here

How do you find balance?

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