Mid-August Instagram Round Up

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA (what’s new, thanks for sticking around). I have a few post on the way, one is a video post I’m having trouble loading so stay tuned for that. And one I will post tomorrow! 

So to keep you all entertained in the mean time I thought I would do another Instagram round up!

In the words of Drake “started from the bottom now we’re here!” 

Bottom row (left to right) 

Counting days till trailer views| vegan zucchini chocolate shake at the farmers market|wicked stormy nights 

Second row from the bottom 

A for Australia and Ashley (gift for a friend) | ladies night belini | oat and mill toast and jam (and wow butter) ice cream 

Third row 

Me and Other enjoying vacation | camp fires | trailer bound 

Top row 

Modern Renaissance Beauty| it’s here!| boat times 


Experience Novelty: Supply teaching

Today I became an adult. Today I started my career. As far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a teacher. Both my grandmothers were teachers and I remember from a very young age playing school and teacher with my brother. I’ve never wanted to be anything else, and although I would love to be a photographer or makeup artist or baker, teacher was the only job I ever wanted. 

Today I supplied for the first time. It had its challenges, I learned a lot, like kindergarten is the worst. I was welcomed into the school with mostly open arms. And I’m excited to keep going. It’s not an easy career but it is my career and I can’t wait to keep building my way up the teacher ladder. 

Tomorrow is day two and I’m not a big ball of nerves like last night! I’m excited to start this journey!