How To: Curl Your Synthetic Extensions

Hey Friends! I have filmed a short video on how to achieve beachy waves in your synthetic/ secret extensions.

If you are considering buying Secret Extensions make sure to check out this video!

Hope you enjoy!


Homemade Fondant 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I for sure did, filled with wine, chocolate and lots of food. I spent the entire day Sunday cooking since my family decided to have both a big brunch and dinner for Easter! My tasks for the day were to 

  1. Make waffles 
  2. Make mini egg cupcakes 
  3. Make stuffing 
  4. Make escargot (yes that means snails) 
  5. And clean the kitchen every fine minutes…. 

Had I known I was being voluntold to make all this food I probably wouldn’t have taken it upon my self to try and make fondant from scratch for the cupcakes but I did! And surprisingly it was one of the easiest parts of my day! 

I found the recipe on this lovely blog and her instructions are super clear and easy to follow. Therefore, I was kinda worried it was going to be an epic fail but it wasn’t! 

I decided to make a half batch since I was only making toppings for the cupcakes and not covering an entire cake!

Here’s what you need! 

8 cups of mini marshmallows 

A couple teaspoons of water

Appx 1 kg bag of icing sugar 

Food colouring of your choice. 

*at first I was like there is no way I’m going to need a whole bag of icing sugar for a half batch but YEAH YA DO! 

Step 1: using a double boiler system melt the 8 cups of mini marshmallows, this took about ten minutes and you need to constantly stir the marshmallow to prevent them burning it is also at this point that you add a few teaspoons of water to help the marshmallows become more liquid-ey (I used 2 teaspoons) . You can also put them in the microwave for 30 second intervals but this felt like too much work.  

 Step 2: once melted, remove from heat and add your icing sugar, I added about 3/4 of the bag and stirred it in, then added the remaining and took the ball out to knead. Make sure that you put some sugar down on your counter before you start kneading or it will stick like crazy!  I also had to add more sugar as I went to prevent it from sticking. 

Ps. Kneading the fondant is actually such a rewarding process because the “dough” becomes basically like playdough and it’s super fun.  

 Step 3: add your colour. I was making little bunny ears so I made one ball of pink and kept one ball white. 

Step 4: roll out your dough. I have yet to make a cake covered in fondant but here’s how I made my ears. Roll your dough to about 1/4 inch thick and then use cookie cutters or free hand to cut out your shapes. I used a carrot shape to make the ears and cut off the bottoms to make them look like ears.  


Step 5: make your shapes. I made he pink stick to the white by simply putting a little bit of water in the back of the pink and letting it dry onto the white. To apply the ears to the cupcakes themselves I used a little dollop of butter cream to hold them in place. 

Et voila! My little bunny cupcakes! Ps they were delicious and had mini eggs in them!  

Side note: since the fondant is made of icing sugar and marshmallows it actually tastes pretty delicious unlike store bought fondant! 


All About Nails: shellac fix and update

So if you read my previous post you know that my idea of using a regular nail polish and shellac top coat did not go as planned. However, here is how I tried to fix it. 

I decided to try and file down the bubbles and bumps with a buffer and then use a shellac top coat to seal everything up. I’ve used this technique before after a manicure I got at a salon. I had gotten nail studs applied and they fell off a few days after my visit to the salon so I filed down the parts of my nail that were bumpy and applied a shellac top coat! This worked very well so I tried to do the same thing with my botched manicure. 

Here is my nail after filing down the bubbles, you can still see some of the uneven texture but it is much better then it was before.    
After buffing out most of the bumps I used a lint free towelette to wipe off the residue from th buffer. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use the alcohol cleaning solution on the nail polish, this seems to be when the bubbling occurs, so simply dust off the residue. 

  Next I applied the shellac top coat and cured it under the uv light for one minute. Apply the cleaning solution after curing to remove the tackiness and shine those babies up. 

As you can see it is not perfect but it is much better then before.  
Here’s the before shot  


I’ve had the polish on for four days now and I did a lot of baking a cooking yesterday and the started to chip a little. It’s definitely not as good as professional but it is better then regular nail polish and I like that there is virtually no drying time, more to come in the full review. 

Here’s what they look like on day four after being quite rough with them yesterday.  


All About Nails: can you put shellac over regular polish? 

Answer: Well sorta 

Happy Easter readers! Here is a bonus special Easter post!

Recently I bought a Kiss Cosmetics Gel Nail Kit and have been experimenting with it over the past couple weeks. I will eventually do a full review but wanted to give it a few tries before doing so. 

Since I just bought it my colour selection is limited, I only brought a very light pink (almost translucent) and a black, as well as, a French nail kit. I wanted to paint my nails a bit more of a fun colour so I decided to try and put normal polish with a top coat of shellac. Here’s what the verdict is :

It worked, well sorta! If you are going to do this you have to be patient (which SURPRISE! I’m not). Because, you have to wait for your regular slow drying nail polish to be 1000% dry, like probably over night dry. If you don’t do this…. Something mildly terrible will happen. The shellac top coat will make the nail polish under it bubble like so :  

As you can see the pointer and ring finger bubbled quite a lot, and the pinky and ring finger that were more dry didn’t as much. 

I don’t really care that much because from far away you can’t really tell and it took me over an hour to do my nails so I’m not about to take that shit off.  

 However I learned my lesson for next time, either buy more colours or be more patient. 

I’m interested to see how long this last, regular nail polish normally doesn’t stick to my nails very well so I’m hoping this will help. I’m also going to try and fix the bubbles at some point this week, I’ll attempted to do so and write another post to keep you up to date. 

Have you ever tried a regular/shellac combo? What are your tips? 

Ps. This nail colour is called Orchid Around by Sally Hansen and I’m kinda obsessed. 

Snapchat bandwagon 

Hi followers and readers! So I really want to jump in the snapchat bandwagon but I want to hear from you guys first. 

1. Would you follow?

2. How easy is it to switch from one account to another (the reason I ask this is because I have a personal snapchat account that I would like to keep personal and then I’d like to have one for the blog, has anyone else done this) 

Help a girl out?