Ahoy baby! 

A friend of mine recently welcomed a little baby nephew. This weekend I got to meet the little guy and decided to paint something for him. His room theme is ocean so I figured an anchor was fitting (they also happen to be one of my favourite things to draw). I wanted to share with you a bit of the process.

The first thing I did was find a picture of an anchor on google that I liked using my iPad. Once I found one I quickly traced it out. Then I take the time to fix it up until I like the over all shape. 

Then with my iPad I use a light box app to trace the anchor using my brush pen markers. 

Once that was done I used my aquash water pen to fill in the banner where i would be putting his name. 

Once the water colour was dry I picked a font for his name and wrote it in with a brush pen. 

Eh voila! A little anchor for a little man.  




Letting the creative juices flow 

Hey followers! So for the past month or so the students at my job have been requesting drawings for me to do. They discovered that I’m pretty good at it and now I can’t even get in the door with out someone asking me to draw something for them. As much fun as this is I wanted to draw something I wanted for a change so I went to my local craft store and got some pencils and a sketch book. 

Here’s my first drawing I completed and there will be more to come I’m sure. 

I forgot how enjoyable and relaxing it is to draw and (not to toot my horn) but how good I am at it! 

I really want to draw an animal skull and Other has requested a wolf with red eyes.