Reviving your Brow Wiz 

What’s this, a blog post, let’s just pretend I was here the whole time. 

I recently dyed my hair a bit darker than normal. I normally do lowlights and this time I did a full head dye. So my light blonde eyebrows really disappear this time around. Lately I’ve been using the Sephora brow builder or my elf eye brow palette in light. And while I love both those products they are a bit to light/orangey for my new hair coulor. 

So I pulled out my Anastasia brow wiz which I have stopped using because it’s was VERY dried out. I had a thought that. What if I added some castor oil which is known to help hair growth and will also listen up the dried out product. 

Keep reading to see how it turned out. 

What you will need. 

A sad paint pot. 

A brush to stir (I needed up using another one to actually mix because it got really messy)

Castor oil (you can find this at the drug store near the diaretics or the rubbing alcohol) 

Step one: I dipped my brush into the castor oil and dripped a bit of oil into the pot.

Step two: mix that shit up, until it turns its to a creamy/mousey texture. 

Step three: clean up the sides and pack the product back in. 

Looks better than new! 

I almost forgot what it was like to have Anastasia brows 😍. 

***my brows are never perfectly even because one of my brow bones always raises… first world problems 


Over to The Dark Side 

Yes, I just quoted starwars, no this is not a post about light sabres. With it being the middle of winter here in Ottawa, the days are quite gloomy and I’ve been repeating my outfits of dark cozy sweaters.

 Since it’s been so dark out I’ve been keeping my make up pretty dark on day where I’m just doing casual things. I normally only wear my eye makeup dark when I’m going out (which is not very often) and sometimes I crave a nice smokey eye. Lately I’ve also been doing a liquid liner when I want a really dark look. I need to work on my flick so it’s not as perfect as I would like. Since I don’t use liquid liner a lot I don’t really know what kind of formula I like yet. I think I prefer a gel and and I’ve just been using a black pot from a Quo palette I’ve had for a few years. I definitely need to invest in something better although I actually really like this formula. (If you have suggestions please share!) 

The trick to a good day time dark look is to only use a bit of a dark near the outer order and use a more subtle grey, or colour in the middle and inner corner. I love playing with the colour Provence  from my new too faced Le grand chateau and some of the pinks are really fun too. The shade rendezvous is also a perfect neutral. I also like to use what ever is left in my brush to blend out the bottom lash line and create a bit of a shadow without over doing it.   

 Loving this purple look from Le Grand Chateau 

 Here is a more subtle brown dark look 

My say hello to 2016 look

My New Year’s Eve was spent at home in the company of great friends. We had a low key night drinking bubbly, eating LOTS of snacks, playing cards and watching dick’s balls drop, oh and listening to super annoying dogs whine the whole night. Even though we had a quiet night in I wanted to spice up my makeup a bit and I’ve been dying to experiment with my Le Grand Chateau palettes. I was also craving a good winged eyeliner which I rarely do. I really liked my look and think I may have to start wearing winged eyeliner more often. 

I wanted to use a lot of the pinks from the palettes since I hadn’t really used them yet. Since I have a naked 3 palette I have a lot of pink options but I find the ones is the chateau pallete are a bit more pigmented and less sparkley then the naked one which is a really nice change. I darkened  up the corner of my eye using the shade dark horse from my naked palette since it is one of my favourite dark colours.  

I am still waiting for one of my Chrismas present which is a mini camera kit for my iPhone with a tripod included. Once I get this I think I will do a tutorial on a look similar to this for you guys.

Happy 2016 everyone. 


Recommendation help! 

Hi followers and fellow beauty bloggers. I need your help! I’m reaching my mid twenties and have come to the realization that I probably should have started using eye cream a few years ago. Their are so many options that I don’t know where to start or what to look for. I think I want something that is light, will help keep my skin firm and smooth and that can be used at night. I would like to stay within the 20-30$ price range which I know is cheap but I cannot afford the lavish lifestyle right now!