How To: Curl Your Synthetic Extensions

Hey Friends! I have filmed a short video on how to achieve beachy waves in your synthetic/ secret extensions.

If you are considering buying Secret Extensions make sure to check out this video!

Hope you enjoy!


Instagram Round Up 

Since my Instagram account is private (I’m a teacher and don’t want students creepin) I decided I should do an Instagram round up every once and a while to show you what I’m snappin pics of.

Here are me 12 most recent posts! 

Top row: homeade basil pesto and garlic chicken| my friends kitty I almost took home| our new faster internet that allows me to watch Mindy and Other to play video games 

Second row: long hair don’t care with my extensions | my gel polish at home refresher| a cute pj inspired outfit 

Third row:  vegan wow butter milkshake (so good)| vegan ice cream and brownie| delicious “blt” from pure kitchen

Last row: eats and exploration| reading | Ice coffee and mornings off 

Shh, they are Extensions….

Once upon a time, I was 7 years old and had hair down to my bum… then I started grade 2 and I don’t know if it was my choice or my mom’s, but we chopped it all of. Then a few years pasted (like 10) and the newest look was a bob, and being the trendy person I was I went for it. Since that day I promised I would never cut my hair short again and have been trying to grow it out since then (it’s been 8 years). I have to say that my hair dresser and I have tried really hard to get my hair to where I want it. I do like my hair, and it is long, however, it is thin (thanks MOM!), and kinda just bleh. I curl it most days, either with my wand or curling iron. But it is just not what I want (obviously not Cass, you want mermaid hair).

 My hair after my most recent trim.

Oh one other thing… I’m cheap, so fancy extensions are not really in my budget right now… but one thing I have been wanting to try are… wait for it… Secret Extensions.

The commercial for this is so lame and they look like they aren’t going to work, but I watched some reviews online and it didn’t seem to be the worst thing to spend 40 dollars on. The website claims to “give you thick, natural-looking volume and length in seconds!” Most reviews said the same thing, easy to put on, blended pretty well, not the best quality but not horribly noticeable. I have long hair so they blend well, and people say that if you have short hair they work well but I can’t say anything on that.

 The other thing they mentioned in a few reviews was that they didn’t curl well, and I have a few things to say about that. If you take out your curling iron and expect to twist it thought and have beautiful curls you wont…. But if you do it like they tell you to do it ( curl with large barrel iron, clip curl and let cool) then it works. It’s not the most beautiful curl but it will blend with your hair enough to give you a curly look. I am still in the process of figuring out if there is a way to create beachy waves with the extensions and I will keep you posted on that.(** I found a way that works really well, tutorial to come soon)

Overall, I think they are kind worth it. I got mine at Walmart for 40$, the colour match is pretty perfect for my hair colour and they are SUPER easy to put in. They are obviously not as good as the 300$ real hair ones but if you are looking for something cheap to give you a long hair look I would recommend them.


Pink Hair, Don’t Care

As I sit here in my kitchen on a Saturday night (when this was written…SHH), I realize that one blog post a week is about all I can handle. I wish I could handle more but life is just too hectic. My goals for this week are a. to not burn out by Tuesday like last week, and b. to post two, that’s right TWO blog posts this week. So here comes number 1!

I did it, after over a year of deliberation I did it… What is it you say??

I dyed my hair pink, well not really dyed but I have pink hair.

How do I have pink hair without dying it you say…. I will tell you! just hold tight.

So around this time last year I started tossing around the idea of putting some pink in my hair, I was hoping to do something like this….


but didn’t have the guts to, instead I decided to do a chunk on the right side of my head. 

 My hair dresser and I bleached my hair in chunks and then added 3 different colours to get to the desired pink I wanted. It first when orange and then purple then we found a middle ground that was a mix between pink and purple but I was okay with it. My hair dresser suggested I purchase the Revlon NutriColour in pink to keep it vibrant. This stuff is great, you leave it on for a few minutes and then rince it off. All it does is stain your hair by adding colour on top of your hair and not actually altering any of your colour.

So this summer, as always, I got bored and decided to go big or go home (I swear I should change my blog name to this, I feel like I say it once a post), and do the whole thing…

HOWEVER, my hair dressed and I have worked very hard to get my hair to the stage it is at now and I wasn’t ready to bleach my whole head. So instead I went and picked up two different NutriColours, a pinky, purple colour and then the vibrant pink I used last year. 

  I applied the pinky purple all over my head (be careful it will dye your scalp! so use your conditioner for around your part and face and try not to apply too much in those areas, AND WEAR GLOVES). I then applied the lighter pink at the bottom to create a fade effect (this didn’t really work but I still liked the outcome). I let it sit in my hair for about 8 minutes and this is the results. 

 (A little before and after)

I love it, love it, love it! Because my hair is pretty dark the colour doesn’t show to drastically which I like since I’m still  working at school and I need to be professional… In addition the product washes out in 3-5 washes (it says 8-10 but I assume that is for bleached hair), so I normally apply the colour on Friday and then by Monday have washed it at least once so it is not as intense.

I highly recommend this product if you want to jazz up your hair a bit! Obviously the lighter your hair is the better the colour will come through.

What do you guys think??

Outfit and makeup balance 

Some days I feel like pumping up my makeup and hair, other days I feel like wearing a fancier outfit but the most important thing is to find a balance between the two. If I know I’m going to do a dark smokey eye and curls I remember to keep my outfit simple. If I’m going to wear heals and a fancy outfit then I keep my makeup natural and my hair simple.

Here is how to balance the look.

A dark grey smokey eye with curls

Relaxed baggy black and white striped tee and black leggings paired with minimalist necklace

Similar shirt here

Similar leggings here

How do you find balance?

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Empties and Repurchases 

Hi followers and readers! So I filmed you guys a beautiful empties video but my wifi is a total piece of shit and won’t let me upload it so I’ll have to wait until we get better wifi to get on the video bandwagon. Instead I’ve turned my video into a text post, however my pictures will be non-existent because I threw all my empties out after I filmed the video. 

Here are not only the empties I had but the things I replaced them with (if not the same)! Keep reading to find out more! 

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream- dry/combo skin (couldn’t find a link, available at Walmart) 

I love this product and have been using it for about a year now (less so in the summer cause I often use something with aloe in it) but it is so light and leaves you skin the perfect amount of hydrated without feeling greasy and heavy. I don’t like the feeling of moisturizer on my skin so this is perfect! However…. I have been noticing that my skin is craving moisture with this cold winter weather, especially in my t-zone and forehead! So i repurchases the same product but for dry skin. 

It has a VERY similar formula with just a bit heavier of a feeling, still not as slimy as a full cream product! 

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Waterproof- Very Black 

This is my favourite drug store mascara (maybe even all time). I love the formula and I love the length it adds to my barely there lashes with NO flaking. I occasionally will use a voluminzing mascara as a base if I want more impact but this is my everyday go to. I have very sensitive and watery eye, hence why I use a waterproof mascara, but to add this mascara does not irritate my eyes. I repurchased the same product. 

Rimmel Wake me up Concealer – Very fair/Light 

I only started using concealer this summer, I went into the bathroom after a full day of work and looked like I was dying. I quickly ran to the drug store and picked this up because of the name! It has a pretty good coverage (I’ve only used this and the bobby brown concealer sample, and I prefer the Rimmel one!) and I like that it has a “radiant” effect and just adds a little glow to your under eyes, it also helps to reflect light off of any blemishes you may be trying to hide. I also repurchased the same product. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Full Coverage- light ivory 

This has been my go to for the past year or so! It’s got really good coverage and stays on all day. When I need just a light coverage I normally just use one pump rub it in my hand and spread it with my hands. However, when I need a fuller coverage I use a Sonia Kashuk stippling brush to apply it. I normally use the shade light ivory but…. I purchased light porceline because 

A. They didn’t have light ivory at Walmart OR shoppers 

B. I’m super pale from the lack of sun in Canada these days. 

 Last but not least…. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I don’t think I have to say much about this other then it’s great, smells great and does the trick when I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days. I had the regular scent but like to mix it up so I will probably get the tropical one once I make it to Walmart! (Ps buy this at target or Walmart, it’s like 3$ less then shoppers)